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Friday, May 29, 2009

Men who wear white socks and other pet peeves

So, I was having lunch with a friend last week at a trendy new cafe that just opened and as we started talking, we noticed our table was rickety. At first, none of us said anything, but then all the shaking back and forth was sooooo annoying, my friend called over the waiter and asked him to put something underneath the table leg to steady it. The guys on the next table thought it was hilarious we were making - in their approximation - a big deal of the shaky table. One guy said, "This is Lebanon, nothing works right." Hmmm, he may have a point, but I'm pretty sure he was talking about politics. Well, there may be no solution to the election drama we're all facing, but a rickety table? Damn straight we can get that fixed! And we did.

But that brought on a whole new conversation: pet peeves. My friend, Mr. Pet Peeve, gets annoyed by just about everything. During a telephone conversation, he interrupted himself and went on and on for nearly 15 minutes about how smudge marks on his new external hard drive were driving him crazy and how every time he picked it up, he had to wipe it clean. Well, we may not all be as anal as Mr. PP, but there is a whole list of pet peeves that we can certainly relate to. Mine is long and varying, but I've narrowed it down to the below.

1. Guys who wear white socks with dark shoes (except for with sneakers) - why, oh why? Is being color coordinated really that difficult??
2. Which leads me to ... guys who don't wear socks with shoes, especially in summer - one word: GROSS!
3. People who call you and after you've said hello, say hello back a million times before finally saying what they've called for.
4. Cars that cut in front of me, even though there are no other cars behind me, and then proceed to go at a snail's pace.
5. People that say 'you're welcome' before you've even said thanks.
6. That retarded commercial for skin bleach that insinuates being dark is like having dirt on your face (coming in a close second is that annoying as hell 'pasta from Pizza Hut' commercial).
7. Mexican/ Turkish soap operas dubbed in Arabic.
8. People who take the elevator to the first floor - how lazy can you be??
9. Lebanese traffic cops, who seriously have the mental capacity and manners of a cockroach!
10. Smudge marks on external hard drives - NOT!

Go ahead and add your own pet peeves in the comments section below! I'm sure that will be a very interesting list!


  1. how about people you met many times and still pretend that they don't know you.
    How about politicians who have a bloody corrupt past and they pretend that they are holier than thou ????

  2. Here are my 'pet peeves'

    1) George Clooney has not met and fallen in love with you!

    2) The women over here in the USA are not as beautiful as you are Anissa!