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Monday, November 16, 2009

Designer Bags and Bombs

I think Beirut's major malls and shopping centers need to have a serious sit down with management and discuss their ridiculous secuirty policies. I'm all for checking the cars when they come into the car park, but checking our handbags at the entrance before going inside? Puhleeze. Note to head of mall security: Women are not going to bomb their designer handbags! This is Lebanon, our precious bags are more important to us than any political agenda. Trust!

My Marc is way too precious to blow up

Mind you, not every mall has some bored-out-of-his-mind geriatric secuirty guy at the entrance searching women's handbags - some management teams have been smart enough to notice that an upperclass woman with the latest Marc Jacobs draped on her arm is hardly the type to be carrying TNT. In fact, the only thing mildly explosive she'll be holding is her credit card receipts. If any mall owners are listening, please rest assured, we are there to shop, spend money and gossip over coffee with fellow designer bag toting gal pals - i.e. we are not interested in blowing anything up. Seirously, do you think we'd be dumb enough to strut into the ABC with a bomb in our bags?? Plus, all the terrible violence that has happened in this city over the past few years has been carried out by MEN and they use dingy cars and vans, not purses.

The bottom line is this: we Lebanese women (not me specifically) spend way too much money on plastic surgery, designer clothes, shoes and handbags to blow ourselves up. So, the next time you think a lady's designer handbag is a good place to hide a bomb or any other weapon, think again!


  1. let me tell those security guards something. If someone wants to bomb a mall or a car or whatever he or she isn't going to be deterred by some guard. haven't they learned that with all the politicians security and body guards when someone wants them dead they die. Stop making the innocent pay for the guilty. How utterly stupid to search women's bags. As if .....

  2. Hi Anissa!
    I love your book, I bought my copy of it just before I left lebanon.
    I would appriciate if you checked out my blog:

    Its about nothing and everything in Lebanon.

    And Once again I love your book.

    Ammouret Lebnen

  3. Thank you Ammouret! I checked out your blog and wanted to thank you also for recommending my book! So glad you enjoyed it :)

  4. Thank you...

    And you`re welcome!

    You should write more posts on Your blog, I really enjoyed reading it. It`s like being back in Lebanon.