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Monday, March 2, 2009

Little Treasures

This weekend was a busy couple days full of good food and good company, reminding me yet again, how lucky I am to call Lebanon home. I also discovered two new places in Beirut - one old, the other new - and enjoyed my time at both places immensely! Friday afternoon, my best girlfriends took me out for a great lunch to celebrate my birthday (it was two months ago, but I was away then). There were lots of tasty treats to choose from (apple crumble, emmmmm), but our favorite thing on the menu?? GOSSIP, of course!

Then it was my Friday night ritual of meeting up with the 'boys' for happy hour in Gemaizeh. After a few beers, Mike invited us to his farewell dinner hosted by his collegues from the job he just resigned from. When I heard the place was off Bliss Street, my immediate response was to think up some kind of lame excuse to get me out of it (hair washing, early morning wake up call, etc), but then I remembered going out was about the company more than the establishment. And what a little treasure it turned out to be! At the end of Makhoul St., Bar-o-meter has actually been around for ages, I just never knew about it, even though I went to AUB and worked there after graduation. I had a great time and the food wasn't half bad (I did not get sick from it!). At the end, it turned out to be a grand evening!

The bountiful table at Bar-o-Meter - all for just $12 per person!

Saturday night was the discovery of my second little treasure - a new pub on Gemaizeh aptly called 'g' (perhaps a little double-entendre going on there??)! My gal pal Mona invited me to go along with her to the 'soft' opening, which was supposed to be totally cas (hence, my teta sweater), but I should've known better and worn a top more suited to Beiruti nightlife. Oh well ... Anyway, my sis Nadya joined the party and enlisted the entertainment of a couple of drunken dancing Australians at the bar, which proved most amusing to the three of us. Who knew Aussies could be so much fun??

So, even though it's Monday (blah), let's toast to good friends, good fun and good times in the best city on earth .... yeah, that would be Beirut!

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  1. Sis, i loved it. I wish I could have been there to participate in yet another exciting adventure. Cheers to the city that never dies!