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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

What the heck is Twitter?

I have been hearing non-stop lately about how fabulous and addictive Twitter is, so I decided to check it out for myself. Frankly, I have no idea what the big deal is! Basically, all anyone can do is post continuous status updates, like, 'eating lunch,' or 'doing my nails,' etc. Uhhhhh, okay ... AND??? How can this possibly be entertaining or even remotely addictive? I could care less when XYZ is on a coffee break or heading out shopping. I think Facebook status updates are more than enough info on what fellow online members are up to. There is such a thing as TMI! How self-involved are people to sit there and type out what they are doing throughout the day, even checking into Twitter on mobile phones. Does no one have a life anymore - or has the everyday mundane habbits of the average Joe become so fascinating that we are thrilled to learn when he needs to use the toilet! Well, this Facebook addict draws the line at Twitter.

On the homepage, it says that Twitter sounds absolutely ridiculous when we first hear about it (uhh, YEAH), but when you start using it, you realize how fun it is (WHATEVER!!!).

Just FYI to all you users out there, I don't need to know when you blinked, took a nap or used the bathroom!

Anissa has just fallen asleep thinking about the uselessness of Twitter ... zzzzzzzzzzzzz

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