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Thursday, January 21, 2010

No, Women do not Dream of Winning Blenders!

So, yesterday I was driving to the gym when I came across the most offensive billboard ad I've seen in a while. A blonde, big busted woman in a low cut, white dress is deliriously happy while holding - wait for it - a blender! Okay, you might be thinking, what's wrong with that? Nothing, except that the ad was for the credit card rewards program of a bank - where I bank actually - and to illustrate all the wonderful things you can win with the points you save up every time you use your card, they thought they'd show how exciting it would be to win ... a blender.

What idiot thought that any woman, Lebanese or otherwise, with the opportunity to win from hundreds and hundreds of prizes, would opt of all things for a bloody blender? This is so completely insulting on so many different levels. Basically, they are saying that in this day and age, women - who I think have pretty much proven that they are capable of doing more than just blend things - would still choose to stay in the kitchen and make milk shakes. RIDICULOUS!

Dear, bank, thank you for sending such a positive message to Lebanese women, especially your clients. I'm so pleased to have been equated with a kitchen appliance - a LOW END kitchen appliance (sheesh, at least choose a microwave or cappuccino machine)! I'm so glad that I've chosen to open my account with you, really, since you obviously hold your female clients in such high esteem. Oh please let me earn enough points on my credit card so that I too can prance around in a slutty dress, fully made up with bleached blond hair and clutching to a blender for dear life! As a lowly female, why should I want anything else on your list, like a new computer, an airline ticket or even ski equipment. No, of course I wouldn't want any of those things when I can win ... A BLENDER!!

You banking folk sure do know what women's dreams are made of! Way to have your chauvinistic finger on the button. And FYI, the next time you feel compelled to stick to sexist stereotypes of Lebanese women, at least choose one who even remotely looks Lebanese. The last time I checked, even blonde Lebanese don't look Swedish. Seriously, what kind of retarded ad agency are you working with? Did they somehow find a way to bridge the space/time continuum, travel back to the 19th century and leave their brains there?

Note to the dumbass(es) who came up with this idiotic ad: Yo, Rip Van Winkle, I know you went to sleep in 1950, but now that you've woken up, please take note that its 2010, a time when - shockingly - women no longer dream of owning BLENDERS! Moron.


  1. " . . . prance around in a slutty dress, fully made up with bleached blond hair and clutching to a blender for dear life!" Don't play with my emotions!! -George Clooney

  2. Only in Lebanon would you find something so outrageous! I still love the country but i agree wake up - give us women some credit!

  3. I don't mind you doing this blog, but just make sure it doesn't get in the way of your kitchen and laundry duties! -Rip

  4. anissa, i cannot wait till your next book comes out. i have been crying with laughter for the past 20 mins...

  5. ur soo right enno what year are they living in fuck that

  6. I know this is quite a late response, but I just came across your blog. I think a much worse ad I've see in Lebanon was the home shopping network which showed the mom and daughters happy to get new clothes, and the maid happy to get a new hoover! Lord.